The struggle is REAL when it comes to keeping the indoor plants in your house watered and fertilized… but it’s worth the effort when you see leaves of green spilling down the sides of an elegant or kitsch vintage ceramic indoor planter.

In the middle of the last century, all types of indoor planters were mass marketed through five and dime and grocery stores.  Elegant, cheerful, international, kitsch, they came in all shapes and sizes.  And they don’t make them like this any more.  We carry Relpo, Hull, Haeger, Abingdon, Lefton, California Pottery, USA Pottery and Made in Occupied Japan indoor planters…. the last time we checked.  You can take a peek in our shop to see what is currently in stock.

Featured Indoor Planters:

How to Care for Your Vintage Indoor Planters:

Who knew?  You can extend the life of vintage planters by following a couple of rules of thumb:

  1.  If you can’t empty and clean your planter every six months, at least do so once a year.  Gently scrub away any built up sediment from water and soil using a soft scrubber sponge. Let the porcelain breathe.  Change the soil and re pot the plant.
  2. NEVER wash your porcelain planter in hot water.  Hot water creates crazing.  Crazing is when a network of fine cracks begin to appear on the surface or under the glaze of a surface.  Think of ice cracking across a lake.  Use lukewarm or cold water only.  Use a good antibacterial dish liquid if germs are your concern.  Just remember that hot water is BAD.
  3. Don’t subject your planter to extreme temperatures or temperature changes.  Keep it at room temperature and safe from the glare of sunlight on a hot, ozone alert day.
  4. Line the inside of the planter with a thick plastic to protect the shine of the porcelain from the elements of water and soil.  Change it out when doing your (bi)annual cleaning.  A freezer bag might be a good choice for your lining.  Fill it in, then use scissors to trim around the rim.

Like I said, “Who knew?”

Have some fun!  Get a lovely, kitschy or elegant windowsill planter as a gift for a loved one or yourself that is sure to refresh vintage memories at TheMichiganAttic today!

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