Thanks to the amazing Hannah Davis, I have the beginnings of my own Crochet As We Go Stripey Blanket in the works.  To quote Ms. Davis, “The “as-we-go stripey blanket” was created as a crochet-along project on in 2013 by Hannah Davis. This pattern may be used for personal or commercial use, but please …

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The boxes of yarn and crochet hooks found in the attic have challenged me to finish projects long abandoned by relatives.  I can’t just throw this yarn out!  For starters – waste not, want not.  Yarn is expensive but you can work your craft on the cheap if you keep your eyes peeled for unfinished …

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Our slab ranch house was built in 1955. It had all of the original floors and carpet that were installed in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. The green carpet that covered the dining room, living room and hallway was exactly the same turquoise green carpet that my parents installed in my bedroom when I was …

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Now is the time for all good women to come to the aid of their country.We love vintage photographs!  These are some of my grandmothers, aunties and mother’s cousins.  What delights us are the details in the photographs…. the horse and wagon driving behind Great Grandma Brennan, the cars and gardens and mode of dress, …

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My Library of Cleaning Solutions

This is a library of simple cleaning solutions I have tried that work well.  It’s all done on the cheap. How to Clean Grease from Kitchen Cabinet Doors eHow 1/4 CUP WHITE VINEGAR = AMAZING FABRIC SOFTENER. *It softens.  It whitens.  It leaves a slight vinegar odor around washer, but the vinegar smell completely disappears …

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