Anchor Hocking glassware

Anchor Hocking, originally known as the Hocking Glass Company, began in 1905 when a man named Isaac J. Collins bought a failing glassworks company called the Lancaster Carbon Company in Lancaster, Ohio.  Lancaster is located in southeast, central Ohio.


Collin’s friend, Mr. E. B. Good, helped him finance the purchase and they reopened this glassworks and named it after the nearby Hocking River.


In its first year, with 50 employees and one building, they sold $20,000.00 worth of glassware.  They expanded the following year.  They had some bad luck along the way.  For example, the original glassworks facility, Black Cat, burned down in 1924.  A new plant was built on top of it and was named, “Plant 1”.  At the same time, they bought a controlling interest in the Lancaster Glass Company and named this plant, “Plant 2”.

Anchor Hocking continued to buy up and merge with other glassworks companies.  They improved automated production and mass produced affordable glassware that helped them to survive the Great Depression.  For an in-depth look at the History of Anchor Hocking, we recommend visiting The Anchor Hocking Museum online.

We have vintage Made in America Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut and Fire King Glassware in our attic.  But so far, this is what we have found:

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